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Honfomy Smart Accessories

AP-02 Honfomy Air Case Armour with Carabiner Compatible with Air Pods 3 Drop Protection, Scratch Resistant, Wireless Charging

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  • Armour appearance;
  • Hard PVC material and soft TPU are combined in different parts of the case to be durable against shock and prevent scratching.
  • The charging hole on the case allows direct charging with no need to take the pods out. Wireless charging is also supported;
  • The lid and case body can be separated easily;
  • Models available for use with the ✔️ Airpods 1/2 ✔️ Air Pods 3 and ✔️ Air Pods Pro. Compatible with all official Apple straps (strap not included). Please DO check and select the correct model number before placing an order.


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