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Honfomy Smart Accessories

04 Honfomy iPhone Armor Case with Slide Lens Cover, Built-in Ring Kickstand, Magnetic Car Mount and Card Holder

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The case is made of TPU in metal armor desgin. The apperance is so eye-catching at first glance. Yet, there are more hidden functions to be expored.
  • Item No.: GL-KE01-0004
  • 1)Durable and considerable protection by 4 reinforced corners and full lens protection and raised frame giving extra care to the lenses.The sliding window cover is quite outstanding,protective and dust-proof.
    2) Cool armor design is inspired by warrior's armor and science fiction equipments,generating a sense of science and technology.
    3)The light TPU with delicate painting gives comfortable feeling to touch, firm grasping and satisfactory fingerprint resistence.
    4) The back metal ring is 360 degree rotary and foldable, working as both a hanging ring and a kickstand. the round metal plate at the back can attach to a magnetic car mount holder, convenient for you to navigate the route when driving.
    5) An extra card holder, on which the ring supprot sits, is attached to the case back. Pull the card tray out by the ring and insert 1 most often used card in, giving great convenience. Please note only the right end of the tray shall go first when push it back until a "click" is heard.
  • Compatible with iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12Pro max, iPhone13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone13pro max


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