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Honfomy Smart Accessories

ZH01 Honfomy Multi-functional Cell Phone Stand Phone Support Phone Clip for Bag or Belt

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1, cell phone back clip, high value, practical and strong, compact and lightweight, carefully built to add fun to life
2, blue button, a key switch, gently press the blue button, silver shrapnel automatically pops up, can easily card master or remove, the base can be stuck on all four directions, at any time to find the right angle for their own.
3, outdoor sports, mountain climbing travel, back clip can ask the load backpack, belt, coat pocket, convenient navigation and shoot video, record no good life, carry the phone and play both.
4, cell phone bracket, chase companion, bracket function, is the icing on the cake, open the audio and video mode, catch up with the drama anytime, anywhere, pleasure life, to please themselves, every angle is pleasant.
5, live selfie, simple and convenient, can be stuck on the back of the TV, etc., simple and convenient.
6, car magnetic suction, safe driving, put down that suction, easily cope with a variety of bumpy roads, natural rotation, the angle is in your hands, driving with navigation, the road is safer.



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