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ZX01 Honfomy iPad Case Clear TPU Back Cover with 4-corner-airbag Design Anti-bumping

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This item is made of clear soft TPU plastic material. It is designed to be compatible with iPad series, iPad Mini and iPad Pro series.  It maintains good sound effect while providing sufficient protection and fulfilling basic function of a pad case.
  • 【Material】Thin material, crystal clear, shows true color of the machine and gives a soft touch of hand feel.
  • 【Airbags】Anti-bumping air bags at four corners
  • 【Against yelloish】More durable against yellowish.
  • 【Accurate moulding】The port opennings are punched strictly according to original models of machines. But please do double confirm the model numbers of your machine before clicking to buy,
  • 【Lens protechtion】High lens frame and higher screen edges to give extra protection againstly falling.


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